Jara Causson

The Deputy Mayor of Gerrindan


An unusually no-nonsense halfling with a slightly rounder build. Jara Causson is never truly at rest—even sitting still it’s easy to see that her mind is working at a hundred miles per hour. She wears her emotions plainly on her face and voice. She has a tendency towards tight, businesslike dresses and her hands are always busy—whether writing, tapping on a table top, or casually wringing. She has black hair and skin the color of mahogany.


With a one hundred percent dedication to her job, Jara has had little time to make lasting friendships or find romance—which is how she prefers to live her life. A bit of an oddity among fellow halflings, but Jara has felt much more at home in a tax office or bureaucrat’s chambers than a halfling village anyway. She is extremely sharp-witted and appreciates efficiency above all else. She is well liked as a mayor and takes pride in her work, but is always looking to climb to the next rung of the bureaucratic ladder.

Jara Causson

The Grand First Stickman