Bellefleur and Cainols Thistletea

The Innkeepers of The Finch's Belly


A softspoken elven couple that at times can be difficult to tell apart. They are hardworking and prone to absentmindedness—both plagued by a habit of staring off a bit lost in their thoughts, or perhaps revisiting old memories. They’re prone to humming and are extremely talented drink mixers, coming up with new and delicious recipes on a regular basis that has earned The Finch’s Belly a bit of renown throughout the Eastern Counties of Camelor.

Both are tall, olive-skinned, and have auburn hair. They wear complementary earrings in both ears and matching sleeveless work tunics. They idealize balance and fear losing each other above all else.

Bellefleur also has some minor abilities with illusion magic.


Originally from the Carbinter Isles, the Thistleteas now own and run the Finch’s Belly, the only inn of Gerrindan. Not much is known about what brought the couple to town or their history, but their drink menu has been a town favorite for over three decades.

Bellefleur and Cainols Thistletea

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