Sage Tylwin

A scholar and archaeologist who lives just outside of Gerrindan.


An older half-elf, about 150 years old, with silvery hair. He has hawkish features and long eyebrows whose ends form wispy points of hair that extend an inch or two past the sides of his face.


A scholar and tutor, Tylwin has spent his life in the pursuit of knowledge and finds that most of his joy comes from imparting the wisdom he discovers on others. For a while he was a bit of an adventurer, traveling from town to town chronicling events and serving as a tutor or scrivener for local nobles. When his travels took him to Gerrindan he became extremely interested in the ruins of the Northstones’ Hill, and built a small cottage on the outskirts of town to more conveniently chart, excavate, and investigate the area. He comes into town every so often to offer counsel to the Deputy Mayor or perform accounting or scribing tasks for local merchants, and is a much beloved figure for his kindly nature and affable, absentminded personality.

Sage Tylwin

The Grand First Stickman