Zaat Ruccio

A petty Carpatian lord living in exile.


Tanned, short, with brown hair. The sides of his head are shaved in Carpatian fashion, and the top is tied in a small ponytail in the back.
He is living off of what’s left of his wealth, and wears fine but worn clothes accented with his House’s colors—orange and green.
Toned but not overmuscular, with a twisted disposition.


Zaat has been on the move after fleeing Carpatia at the start of the riots that have now escalated into Civil War. He is currently staying at the Finch’s Belly in Gerrindan, but yearns for news of the conflict in the Anarch in hopes of returning to his home. He tends to hang around the Docks during the day, looking for any bit of news incoming sailors might have about the developments in his homeland.

A viscount in charge of an apple orchard, Zaat lived most of his life in relatively moderate comfortability (by noble’s standards). He operated his orchard fairly and was liked enough by the grove tenders that they smuggled him out when the revolt began in the winter.

Zaat Ruccio

The Grand First Stickman