A country of many interconnected streams and lakes, Ausilia recently underwent a substantial change in government that has seen the nobility and a very vocal minority of the general population take hawkish, aggressive stances towards other countries, especially in regards to the ongoing crisis in Carpatia. After the ineffectual rule of King Drikk II, Ausilia saw its economy nearly collapse under the weight of several failed infrastructure projects and costly campaigns to rid the kingdom of Hobgoblins and Orcs—a campaign which only provoked both races to rely on a “scorched earth” policy that destroyed much of the agricultural livelihood of the country. Drikk took suddenly ill and his young daughter is not yet of age—as a result, a Queen’s Regent in the form of Lord Commander Terren Graff currently rules with the authority of the crown.

Now in his eighth year as acting ruler, Graff has managed to stabilize the Ausilian economic and security situation, and his extremely methodical militaristic organizational methods have served to repair a lot of the damage done by Drikk II’s rule. The current state of Ausilia is dependent on conflict, with the ranks of the army swollen with farmers enlisting in the hopes of either escaping or retaking their goblinoid infested hometowns. The production of weapons, armor, and provisions has become the economic stimulus that Ausilia needed to recover its recession and a few other countries—notably western neighbor Herapacea— are concerned that Lord Commander Graff will create conflicts in order to sustain the military industrial complex at the heart of Ausilia’s growth.


Single Ruler: King or Queen married to High Prince or High Princess of Ausilia. Current heir apparent: Queen Tani, 15 years of age
Regent of the Realm: Lord Commander Terren Graff (also head of the Ausilian military, and a hero for his leadership in the battle of Skollvale Pass.
Each province of Ausilia is also ruled by a triplicate of nobles called the Trints, who can propose decrees and laws for the King or Queen, and who must vote to confirm declarations of war made by the King or Queen.

General Info

Long ago, the Ausilian plains were home to several tribes of nomads, who fought each other constantly for the prime grazing territories for the ows and sheep they herded. One day, an incredibly sharp tactician of the Ausil tribe called Ysilda Harbek begain swiftly defeating her rival tribes in battles for territory. Each time, she gave her vanquished foes a choice—join or die. Those who joined were afforded full rights and privileges and were welcomed as if they had been born Ausils. After nearly ten years of expanding outward, Ysilda was able to claim a nation for her tribe—and the kingdom of Ausilia was born.

The technical map of Ausilia and the actual, populated areas of Ausilia are very different places. Much of the peripheral landscape of Ausilia is home to generally hostile creatures—Hobgoblin war bands and Orc Clans in the plains to the south, Kobolds in the mountains and caverns, and even Dragons in the icy peninsula to the north. Despite the inherent dangers in living in such a place, Ausilians tend to be proud, hearty people. Although Istusian influences are creeping through the populance, the majority of Ausilians worship Helm, the God of Protection, a tradition dating back to Ysilda Harbek’s Ausil tribe.

Much of Ausil’s citizenry comes from long lines of racial mixing, and is home to very few people who can trace their bloodline “purely” to any one race. In particular, humans, dwarves, and elves seem to intermix freely, such that Ausilians come in all shapes and sizes.

Cities of note: Terdan, Syldan (capitol), Oldan. Skollvale Pass was a major economic center but was nearly destroyed in a major hobgoblin battle nearly sixteen years ago.


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