The largest of the Six Kingdoms in terms of population, the Queensrealm of Camelor is ruled by a sort of parliamentary-style government. In charge of executive affairs is the Queen, a title passed Matrilineally to the eldest daughter or named heir. The Queen’s power is checked by a body of nobles called The Oligarch, made up of the six Dukes/Duchesses of the realm. Any decree or order given by the Queen can be overturned by a 2/3 vote of The Oligarch, giving them significant political capital in matters of state.

Generally, The Oligarch checks itself, with problem members throughout history finding themselves either stripped of title or barred from the decision making process—resulting a fairly smooth and balanced share of government between the nobles and the crown itself.

The army of Camelor is made up of a core legion (about 20,000 strong) of professional soldiers supplemented by militias of conscripts that can be called upon by the nobility.


Current Queen: Queen Cassaila II
Current Oligarch Roster: Duke Vonderey, Eastern Counties
Duke Godrith, Shore Counties
Duchess Hildred, Mountain Counties
Lady Tandrid Oakveil, Carbinter Isles
Duke Pendry, City of Toontari
Lord Regent Nely Jor, Western Counties (in name of Duchess Meolin)

General Info

One of the more ethnically diverse nations on Medatouria, Camelor retains bragging rights for a plurality, rather than a majority, or its population being human. Based on most recent census taking, the breakdown is approximately 40% human, 20% dwarf, 25% elf, 10% halfling and 5% other races.

The majority of the population are farmers or involved with agriculture in some fashion, as most of the land inland from the shore is made up of crop fields and pastures. Camelor is the chief producer and exporter of millet and a dark brown wheat, but with the exception of a few fruitful mines in the Teeth (mostly operated by dwarves) the land is lacking in metal and mineral ores—Camelor’s biggest import.

As a result of a long-ago war with the Sevissian Domain, Camelor annexed the City of Toontari, which over time has become more and more Cameloran while still retaining many of its Sevissian traditions. Other major population centers include Camelor City (capitol), Hairun, and Percivail. The Cameloran shore is also dotted with a few port towns of note, including Gerrindan, Arvail, and Gawelot.


The Grand First Stickman