Carpatia (Carpatian Anarch)


The smallest of the Six Kingdoms in terms of land area, but home to the largest population of Dragonborn on Medatouria. For a long time, Carpatia was a plutocracy headed by an Archduke selected from within the federation of nobles. Each Archduke is succeeded by the selection of the next noble by federation vote, usually without a single family or line holding the title consecutively. After decades of seeing their lords consolidate wealth and power, the peasantry of Carpatia finally revolted, which has slowly escalated into full-blown civil war. The Dragonborn in the northern part of the country are using the opportunity to push for a secession, making the war a three-way fight between the nobility, the peasants/merchant class, and the Dragonborn.

Usually the country’s military is made up of regiments in the employ of individual nobles, but as the resources of the wealthy continue to drain as a result of civil war, the number of soldiers on both sides fluctuate wildly.


The wealthiest members of the aristocracy form the Federation of Nobles, who have near autonomy over their holdings and the power to select the Archduke of Carpatia. There is currently no Archduke, as the civil war has prevented an official meeting of the Federation. Several of the Federation have attempted to claim the title for themselves but without confirmation these claims are without merit.

Meanwhile, what has started as a disorganized revolt has slowly transformed into a revolutionary push led by the most successful tactical commander the peasantry have at their disposal—a former Archduke advisor (and Dragonborn) named Della Xaw. She is purporting to be the new true government of Carpatia, as a populist representative of the country’s “true heart.” Only time will tell which of the two sides comes out victorious. For the time being, most of the other kingdoms have ceased diplomatic relations with Carpatia, with a few secretly and not-so-secretly supporting one side of the other.

Should the rebellion under Della succeed in overthrowing the government, there is speculation that the Dragonborn will finally and truly be folded into Carpatian society, and hope that some sort of more democratic system of government will take hold.

General Info

Overwhelmingly human in makeup, Carpatia also has a decent population of elven low-caste, usually relegated to tending groves and orchards for wealthy nobles. Also of note are the three townships of Forn near the northern mountains, whose populations consist almost entirely of Dragonborn (for a grand total of about 9,000 citizens). Carpatia has a unique climate afforded by the warm sea currents that insulate it from the colder seasons, giving it an almost perpetual feel of mid-fall. Temperatures rarely drop to freezing or reach an uncomfortable level of heat, making it a place where the wealthy from other kingdoms typically keep second homes.

After the razing of its former capitol city, Silderou, Carpatia is now considered a country without true government, referred to as “The Anarch” by most diplomats, scholars, and townsfolk across the Six Kingdoms.

Famous for its fruit groves, which are now in low supply due to the civil war. Carpatia has become a dangerous place to visit, with few ships willing to enter the coastal waters for fear of being seized by one of the three factions at war, or boarded by pirates emboldened by the lawlessness of the land.

Major Population centers: Silderou (former capitol), Triple City of Forn, Balderou.

Carpatia (Carpatian Anarch)

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