A small port town of Camelor in the Eastern Counties. With a population of roughly 1,000 and an economy dependent on being a stop-along-the-way for merchant and fishing vessels, Gerrindan is a happy place friendly to outsiders and almost bereft of crime. It’s a town that many strangers pass through, making it a breeding ground for rumors and news of the world.

A walled town with a volunteer watch, Gerrindan is overseen by a Deputy Mayor and contains only a few buildings of note:

  • The Finch’s Belly Inn
  • the Arcanian Faculs, an observatory run by a Wizards’ Guild
  • Deputy Mayor’s Manse, home to Jara Causson and her aides
  • Fountain of Ganymid, a carved stone fountain in the Town Square depicting a beautiful cityscape

Map of the Eastern Counties:


The Grand First Stickman