Sevissian Domain



The Sevissian Domain is a country in spirit only—more of a loose confederation of smaller, feudal holdings than a true kingdom. Long ago, The Sevissian Domain was an empire that stretched from Herapacea south to the border of the Western Counties of Camelor. After a long war with Ausilia, Avaronia, and Cameloran nationalists, The Domain eventually shrunk back more or less to where it is now, and slowly fractured from within as the empire was split between heirs from generation to generation. The Sevisser, a title passed down from the Domain’s first emperor, Julos Sevisser, is now mostly a figurehead. The Sevisser “rules” from the Castle of Saltline on the coast of the empire.

The de jure capitol of the empire, Pharah, is a fortress leftover from one of the empire’s early military campaigns. It has since expanded to become the largest fully walled city in the world, with a population of nearly 85,000 citizens. Decisions that affect the kingdom are made by the lords of individual counties and duchies, with requests being logged, recorded, and reported from the Sevisser’s Courthouse in Pharah. The “if-you-want” attitude of the Domain puts its nobles in a constant state of bargaining for favors and playing rivals off of each other. This makes The Domain as a whole very slow to take action as a nation, but should all of the individual holdings of the land unite it would have a military might almost as large as the next two largest militaries of Medatouria combined.


  • Sevisser Hailin – Figurehead ruler of the Domain
  • 88 autonomous counties and duchies, each headed by a Lord
  • The Sevisser’s Courthouse – Able to resolve disputes between Lords, and pose referendums on behalf of the empire to be acted upon by Lords on a voluntary basis

General Info

Unlike the other kingdoms of Medatouria, the Domain is home to a sizeable Halfling population, whose traditions have been assimilated into much of the country’s way of life. Among these traditions is a marriage custom that is rather strange by other countries’ standards: couples are allowed to declare themselves married retroactively without any kind of secular or religious oversight. This means that a Sevissian who is unmarried today might declare themselves to have been married for 8 years—if their partner agrees, then it is so for all intents and purposes.

The majority of the land is forested, with the flatlands cleared for agricultural purposes. Despite this, the Domain is known as an industrial powerhouse with several coastal cities boasting of assembly-line style production centers capable of mass producing woodworks, metal crafts, and textiles. The two largest of these ‘factory towns’ are Santiliana and Nelano.

The three largest autonomous duchies are (in order of population size), Trine (Halfling), Belatti, and Greggio. A fortress town called Tantoori Keep was once a significant economic and strategic district that allowed the Domain to control overland trade to and from Camelor, but was unfortunately claimed and annexed by Camelor during one of The Domain’s many historical wars of attempted conquest.

Sevissian Domain

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