Nely Otutalerel

Braided beard and beady eyed.


With a lithe and agile body that drink has somehow yet to ruin, Nely is a pretty dim-witted dock worker of an import/export company called Gerrindan Pointe that operates on the Grand Pier.

He is a phenomenally skilled dancer—one of the few reasons he is still allowed into most of the inns and taverns of the town. He has a propensity for pacing back and forth—trouble sitting still. He’s an arrogant guy—pretty confident in the things he doesn’t know and swaggeringly cocky about the things he does know.


Everyone knows that Nely is a drunk. What most people don’t know is why—after watching the love of his life marry for money, Nely tried his hardest to drop his romantic outlook in favor of a ‘live and let live’ attitude. Unfortunately, the best coping mechanism Nely could find to make that transition was a hard Herapacean Fire Whiskey, which he drinks in massive quantities.

So far, Nely has only been banned from one tavern of the three in Gerrindan: the Dancing Goat.

Nely lives in the west quarter, and mostly keeps to himself. Rumor has it that his lady love married a Dwarven noble, which may explain his dislike of dwarves. More likely is he picked up some racism from the Aravoner sailors he’s friendly with at the docks.

Nely Otutalerel

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