The Grand First

The Finch's Belly

The Adventure Begins

The party began their adventure in the FInch’s Belly Inn, where most were staying for a few days—the sudden arrival of Nely Otutalerel upset the harmony of the dining room a bit, revealing that his new gemstone acquisitions came from the nearby ruins of Temple Ganymid. Things got a little heated, resulting in Troika Ine attempting to draw his weapons on the innkeepers. As a result, the party is no longer welcome at The Finch’s Belly Inn.

They decided to go investigate Sage Tylwin’s house, which they found empty with the door ajar. After some investigating they discovered a hatch in the floor leading to a series of secret underground rooms and passageways. WIthin, the party discovered two groups of goblins and killed them all. One revealed that they are “fade-touched” and worship the dark god Tharizdun.

The rooms they’ve been in so far appear to serve as a barracks, meeting ground, and worship place of some sort, and have been roughly hewn from the rock underneath Tylwin’s cottage. The party has managed to turn up some of Tylwin’s stuff, some coins, and Cassandra Bloodlute’s bardic instruments, which she had sent to Tylwin to repair.

The party’s other companion Zaat Ruccio, a minor noble displaced by the conflict in Carpatia (Carpatian Anarch), has revealed (thanks to some persuasion by Trym Tealeaf, that he is part of a loose network of displaced nobles who have been passing communications through Sage Tylwin. The party has yet to decide h ow they feel about this or what they’re going to do next. Two more doors remain unopened in this dungeon.



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